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A unique collection of Autism & Asperger’s quotes and artwork featured on a selection of products for gifts.

A beautiful selection of Autism & Asperger’s Products & Gifts containing inspirational quotes relating to Autism, Asperger’s, Family & Parenting. I have created the designs printed on these products using unique watercolour paintings as backgrounds that I’ve digitised. These have then been overlaid with quotes and inspirational words and graphics, creating a selection of individual designs.

Autism Inked is a creation by me, Rachael, a loving mother, creative spirit and awkward introvert! I feel so blessed to of been on this fantastic journey with my family. I have learned the importance of celebrating the little things, not taking life too seriously and offering words of support every day. To find out more about me and Autism Inked, head over to the All About AI page.

Today, through Autism Inked, I would like to share the same love and inspiration with others on this journey with me.

Thank you for visiting Autism Inked!

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