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Here at Autism Inked, we love to discuss all things autism, creative and inspirational. From inspired art to informed articles, we’re sure you’ll find something to intrigue.

Through my journey with autism, which I’ve shared with my beautiful children, I’ve learnt so much about the world. I’ve learned to take a fresh perspective, and most importantly, to always ask why. Or better yet, why not?

I love looking at the world differently. I love always questioning the status quo and loving the realities this creates. I wouldn’t have made it here if it weren’t for my best teachers, my beautiful children! Here’s to celebrating the unique and wonderful world of autism together, and to those who share and support this world every day.

Please do come and share this journey with us!

The Anti-Gina Ford Approach to Parenting

The Anti-Gina Ford Approach to Parenting

For any of the parents or carers out there who ever feel pressured into a system that doesn't seem to suit their child, this is a reminder. Every child is different, so all advice on development is not set in stone. Remember: it's a road map, not a custom fit suit!...

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