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Who is Cynthia Kim?

Diagnosed with Asperger’s at the age of 42, Cynthia Kim has since gone on to be a favourite Aspie voice.

Following her diagnosis, Cynthia created her blog, Musings of an Aspie, where she shares strategies and hacks, stories about growing up Aspie, thoughts about late diagnosis, and musings on Aspie motherhood and marriage.

Cynthia’s writing has also been published in Autism Parenting magazine, Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism, and Autism West Midlands’ magazine.

Following the popularity of her blog, she has since gone on to publish two books.

Her bestseller from 2013, I Think I Might Be Autistic, is a guide to autism spectrum disorder diagnosis for adults.

Nerdy, Shy, and Socially Inappropriate: A User Guide to an Asperger Life (2014) is a collection of popular musings on life with Asperger’s Syndrome.

Here are some inspirational and entertaining quotes from Cynthia Kim on being an Aspie, adult diagnosis, and life perspective.

10 Quotes About Being an Aspie From Cynthia Kim

1. “Typical people acquire social skills primarily by absorption; autistic people need to be taught social skills explicitly.”

Cynthia Kim Quote

2. “If a rule prevents me from making a spontaneous choice then it’s too restrictive. If a rule negatively impacts someone I love then it’s probably doing more harm than good. If a rule was created more than five years ago then I may have outgrown it. If a rule makes me sad, angry, tired, or anxious then I need to question its origins.”

3. “Thanks to the amount of time I spend alone, I’m on intimate terms with myself. I have a running internal dialogue that informs my life, my writing, my relationships. I observe and absorb the world around me. I’m good at being alone.”

Cynthia Kim Aspie quote

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4. “Many autistic people have dampened or muted interception. We don’t seem to notice what’s going on in our bodies until it reaches a level that other people would find intolerable.”

5. “’You must be very high functioning. You don’t seem autistic.’ ‘Why, thank you. And you’re not especially ugly.’”

Cynthia Kim quotes on autism

6. “The tendency to leap to the worst possible conclusion — the “everything will be ruined” option — is known as catastrophizing. Like perfectionism, it’s a common trait of ASD and closely tied to black and white thinking.”

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7. “Once I got past grief, depression, and resignation, I needed help identifying other types of sad feelings. But unlike my exploration of anger, the thesaurus wasn’t much help this time.”

Cynthia Kim Asperger's quotes

8. “More than once I’ve sat stoically immobile beside someone I love while they broke down. My sadness is all undercurrent, twisted up inside me, unable to escape to the surface.”

9. “The ability to convincingly fake eye contact, while not very helpful for us, puts other people at ease.”

Aspie quotes from Cynthia Kim

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10. “I’d spent a lifetime trying to out what was wrong with me. It was as if I’d been looking at myself in a funhouse mirror, seeing a distorted reflection…It was only after learning that I’m autistic that I realised the mirror itself was broken.”

If you’d like to read more of Cynthia’s work you can find her books on Amazon, or check out her blog over at Musings of an Aspie.

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