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Matt Friedman is a cartoonist and author with Asperger’s, and his autism art communicates in a relatable and easy-to-understand fashion with clever illustrations of specific scenarios where autism traits come into play.

Matt self-identified himself as having Asperger’s syndrome in his mid-thirties, and remembering his obsessive doodling from his school days, returned to drawing cartoons to portray his own Asperger’s to his friends and family.

Asperger’s in Illustration

Matt has the blog, ‘Dude, I’m an Aspie’, which has been running since 2009 and through which he depicts his life with Asperger’s in a comical and honest way.

The relatable and funny tone that his autism art is crafted with is received well by those with and without autism and is an effective way to communicate his autism traits to others. In 2012, he released 2 books that showcase these cartoons.


Dude, I'm an Aspie!


This book is an example of Asperger’s in illustration, and Friedman’s simple cartoons combined with clever and insightful narratives make this a relatable and enjoyable book for all audiences.

The cartoons depict different day-to-day scenarios of ‘Dude’, a character with Asperger’s. As you see how he thinks and reacts to these scenarios, you can begin to get an insight into the characteristics of autism in a kind and humorous way.

The book is a great read for those who have just been diagnosed with Asperger’s and wish to find some relatable guidance that makes them realise that they are not alone. It is also useful for those close to someone with Asperger’s through providing an understanding into the Asperger’s characteristics.


Dude, I'm an Aspie! Kids edition


The kid’s edition to Dude, I’m An Aspie! has a similar intention to the adult’s version in that it provides a relatable and easy-to-understand insight into the Asperger’s characteristics through cartoons depicting the day-to-day life of the ‘Dude’ character.

This book is a great tool that can be used to positively explain to children why they are seeing a doctor during the diagnosis process, and how they feel isn’t wrong and there are others in the same boat.



Cartoons can be used as an effective way to communicate for those with and without Asperger’s and Matt’s illustrations do this in a fun and relatable way. To find out more about Matt Friedman, and how you can support yourself and others in the understanding of Asperger’s using his cartoons.


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