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Albert Eintein

What if we could see beyond the fence? No. Let me rephrase that. What if we were to realise there was no fence?

How would our feelings about ourselves change? How would we view the world around us, and how would we view and treat each other?

I have a great love for the mind of Albert Einstein. Not only for the scientific advances that he led us to, but also for his simple ability to go beyond the preconceived possibilities.



My favourite quote from this great man was:

‘If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.’

Let us live by such a quote. Not merely for children, but for adults also. When we get older, we get fenced in further and further, until our worlds become so small, predictable and well defined. ‘This is how this is, that is why that is, this is okay, and that is not’.

But why?

Always wonder, and always ask why.

Let’s do a little thought experiment, shall we?

I don’t know where you’re from, but whatever country it is, oblige me. Close your eyes and choose another country, one you’re vaguely familiar with, and is entirely different from where you are now.

There would be different customs, different religions and other routines. Maybe the family values would be different, the economy, your level of freedom and access to education.

Now imagine what might be acceptable and unacceptable under these new conditions. How much from what you can perceive during this brief experiment, of what you currently take for granted, would be pulled into question?

How much would change, and how would this affect your values?


One red die in a group of black dice
An individual standing out in society
one black faced sheep with many white faced sheep
Colourful umbrella with many black umbrellas
Russian dolls

Now. Imagine there are no social ‘norms’ into which to fit. There are no predefined expectations of you, from you, for yourself and others.

How does this affect how we see each other? How we interact? How does this now allow our values to be defined? Are they even defined?

If we stop making assumptions about and classifying one ‘category’ or ‘subset’ of society, what does this mean for what we then expect them to be able to do? How can they contribute, create and live?


Girls face with mannequins

Release the societal constraints

Unfortunately, many people allow these ‘stories’ of what is expected to be passed down and passed along. Even more unfortunate than this, some people at the receiving end to these expectations believe them to be true.

Straight away, with no chances given, their worth in this world is cast. Never allowed the opportunity to grow that is innate in all of us. That is the freedom of the human spirit, and this is the freedom of the human spirit extinguished.

Unbelievably, Albert Einstein himself was told by a teacher that he would never amount to anything. Aren’t you glad he had the sense and the faith in himself not to listen?

Don’t let lies and etiquette define what a person can and cannot do.  

We are all our own fairy tales, and it is only ourselves that can tell our stories.

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