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Who is Dr Stephen Shore?

Diagnosed with Asperger’s as a child, Dr Stephan Shore has gone on to become a professor of special education at Adelphi University, New York. Stephen was positively influenced by his parents ‘intensive, home-based early intervention programme’ which incorporated an emphasis on music, sensory integration, movement, narration and imitation.

Stephen has since gone on to champion the importance of music for communication for those on the autism spectrum. He also advises on other methods to support communication and social skills, such as Social Stories.

Social Stories

A fantastic resource for social stories is the ‘Talk About’ series by Alex Kelly. This is especially helpful for those with Asperger’s who find many everyday social situations hard to interpret. Knowing beforehand how to play along with a social situation, including what to say and body language, reduces anxiety and offers a roadmap for acceptable responses.

Stephen Shore is currently a board member for Autism Speaks, an advisory board member of the Autism Society and  also president emeritus for Asperger’s Association of New England.

Not only that, but amazing Stephen also serves on numerous other boards for autism organisations, including:


Here are just some of the inspiring quotes from Dr Stephen Shore, an amazing advocate and thought leader within the autism community.


12 Quotes on Autism from Dr Stephen Shore



1. “No, I don’t shave. Shaving feels like a power sander scraping my skin.”

Dr Stephen Shore Quote

2. “Like pieces of a mysterious puzzle solved, it was natural for me to see music and its many facets as pictures in my head. It never occurred to me that others couldn’t see what I saw.”

Dr Stephen Shore Quote

3. “I am very poor at reading subtle social situations. Office politics is full of that.”

Dr Stephen Shore Quote

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4. “Awareness…acceptance…appreciation. That is what I refer to as the three A’s of Autism.”

Dr Stephen Shore Quote

5. “In examining text or graphical formatting, I seem to be able to catch what I term “formatting violations” without even reading the content of the text or determining what the graphic is about.”

Dr Stephen Shore Quote

6. “The potential of those of us on the autism spectrum is unlimited – just like with everyone else.”

Dr Stephen Shore Quote


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7. “Newly purchased clothes have a disagreeable smell to me.”

Dr Stephen Shore Quote

8. “Socks with holes or thinning fabric are the biggest issues for me in terms of clothes. There is something profoundly upsetting about wearing such socks and I don’t even like to see holes or weak areas on other people’s socks.”

Dr Stephen Shore Quote

9. “I avoid public transport whenever possible because it is often jampacked with people, usually hot and quite smelly.”

Dr Stephen Shore Quote


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10. “If you’ve met one person with autism, you’ve met one person with autism.”

Dr Stephen Shore Quote

11. “I have strong sensitivities to sound. When I was in grade school, my classmates used to call my name as softly as they could to see if I could still hear them”

Dr Stephen Shore Quote

12. “Immediately, “prosopagnosia” (a fancy word for facial recognition problem) rears its ugly head as it does for every class I teach.”

Dr Stephen Shore Quote


Thank you, Stephen, for all the work you have done to raise awareness for autism. You’re amazing!

You can find out more about Dr Stephen Shore here.


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